Welcome to our Fairy Photography Experience the Enchanted Forest set in our magical boutique studio and surrounding gardens in beautiful Sussex

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Fairy photography… for Princesses aged 3 to 8 years

Beautiful timeless images from our purpose built and dedicated Enchanted Forest studio.
“What is the Enchanted Forest? Experience the magic…”

MG 9905 300x300 The Enchanted ForestSnow has fallen in the Forest for one week only for a very special event

Book your magical Winter Wonderland Session complete with Christmas dresses for just £20 including one digital image that you choose and download to print and share as much as you’d like.

Perfect for Christmas gifts – 25th to 30th October

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Our Enchanted Forest is a photography studio for fairies and princesses from the age of 3 to 8 years old. Perfect for a special treat as well as birthdays and special occasions or simply to to create stunning wall art for your little girl’s bedroom wall, or indeed anywhere in your home.

Your little fairy can select from a range of unique handmade fairy dresses, wands, wings and flower decorations to create a truly unique fairy experience. Then we enter the Forest together to create some photographs that we are sure you will treasure.

The Forest is open Tuesday to Saturday at our studio in Crawley Down, (near East Grinstead, Copthorne and Gatwick) West Sussex throughout the year, book today!

Our Enchanted Forest is the end result of what was for me a very exciting journey. It was massively important to me that our Forest Studio experience be as complete as possible for our little visitors rather than simply a photo shoot with a themed backdrop and a couple of trees. For the time that they are in there, I really wanted our little visitors to be immersed in and surrounded by fairy stories, hidden treasures and a little bit of magic and sparkle.

So our Forest was grown rather than created to give it a real history.  I was specially selected to bring it to life by a fairy called ‘Aranyani’ and I had to work hard to perform all the required tasks (and fairies can be very demanding!) before I could share it with anyone else.  I kept a very careful diary of the events that occurred along the way and even kept some of the gifts and souvenirs that the fairies left for us which I examine with our fairy visitors before we go into the Forest.  You can view my diary of how the Forest was created by clicking on this link, perfect for showing to your little fairy prior to the visit to really get her in the spirit of things.

After all of our work in creating our forest, our last promise was to share it with lots of fairies and princesses, allowing them all to enjoy it and in turn filling it with their joy and wonder.

With easy access from London, Kent, Surrey, Sussex and throughout the South East.